I couldn’t find a decent photo so should I just make this my facebook profile picture?

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    idk people are reblogging themselves and in case anybody didn’t see my dress- HERE IT IS
  3. thechamberofsecrets answered: i feel like crying you’re actually so pretty and you’re smart and nice and funny like who told you this was okay caroline
  4. areyoutheresweetheart answered: k so i was scrollin down yo blog and i saw all these people saying how pretty you look and fuck you’re pretty wow
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  6. yolandivissr answered: you are so pretty leave please
  7. danielradcliffes answered: you’re so gorgeous omg
  8. thatsameezin answered: ugh cuz you ARE pretty wtf aha yes profile picture
  9. char1iepace answered: your face is amazing.
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  12. abcdope answered: yes, very pretty. don’t second guess yourself
  13. theperksofbeingkiara answered: Holy hell I wish I could look like that. Plz make it your profile picture it’s gorgeous and btw your dress is fab
  14. faezor answered: akhjdaglfkhjgaega YOU ARE SO CUTE
  15. testimonialyear answered: will you marry me
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  17. changslug answered: you look like raiponce seriously you’re really pretty
  18. alaskasmokes said: Aww so pretty
  19. sirnonlewis answered: aww it’s so cute!! I say yes
  20. treatsandsuch answered: Yeah!